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5 mouse model for nonsyndromic deafness (DFNB12) links hearing loss to defects in tip links of mechanosensory hair cells.

6 Elucidation of separate, but collaborative functions of the rRNA methyltransferase-related human mitochondrial transcription factors B1 and B2 in mitochondrial biogenesis reveals new insight into maternally inherited deafness.

7 GRM7 variants confer susceptibility to age-related hearing impairment.

15 Tone deafness: a new disconnection syndrome?

21 Morphology of the insula in relation to hearing status and sign language experience.

22 Digenic inheritance of non-syndromic deafness caused by mutations at the gap junction proteins Cx26 and Cx31.

24 The effect of long-term unilateral deafness on the activation pattern in the auditory cortices of French-native speakers: influence of deafness side.

32 Word recognition following implantation of conventional and 10-mm hybrid electrodes.

42 Método para medida do comprimento da cóclea por meio de ressonância magnética/ A method for measuring the length of the coclea through magnetic resonance imaging

45 TRPML3 mutations cause impaired mechano-electrical transduction and depolarization by an inward-rectifier cation current in auditory hair cells of varitint-waddler mice.

49 Cortical circuits for silent speechreading in deaf and hearing people.

57 Effects of age at onset of deafness and electrical stimulation on the developing cochlear nucleus in cats.

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96 Deafness and visual enumeration: not all aspects of attention are modified by deafness.

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118 Efeitos do potencial de ação neural sobre a percepção de fala em usuários de implante coclear/ Influence of evoked compound action potential on speech perception in cochlear implant users

127 [Effect of sound amplification on parent's communicative modalities]

196 Brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) testing in animals.

200 A investigação genética na surdez hereditária não-sindrômica/ Genetic investigation of non-syndromic hereditary deafness

203 Potencial cognitivo P300 realizado em campo livre: aplicabilidade do teste/ P300 cognitive potencial in free field: applicability test

204 Targeted disruption of the Kvlqt1 gene causes deafness and gastric hyperplasia in mice.

206 Cadherin 23 and protocadherin 15 interact to form tip-link filaments in sensory hair cells.

210 In vitro 3'-end endonucleolytic processing defect in a human mitochondrial tRNA(Ser(UCN)) precursor with the U7445C substitution, which causes non-syndromic deafness.

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219 Perda auditiva genética/ Genetic hearing loss

77 Self-rated mental health, school adjustment, and substance use in hard-of-hearing adolescents.