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224 [X ring chromosome]

29 [Hypoacusis-deafness related to perinatal adverse conditions. According to the register available in a specialized unit of Ciudad de Mexico. Analysis according to birth weight]

30 Hipoacusia-sordera asociada a condiciones perinatales adversas según registro en unidad especializada de la ciudad de México. Análisis en función del peso al nacimiento/ Hypoacusis-deafness related to perinatal adverse conditions. According to the register available in a specialized unit of ciudad de Mexico. Analysis according to birth weight

31 Some aspects of cognitive and social development in children with cochlear implant.

36 Deafness, culture, and choice.

39 Electronystagmography in a patient with a sudden unilateral sensorineural hearing loss.

41 Congenital rubella syndrome developing after a 1987-1988 epidemic in Japan

46 Obstetric handling of a deaf patient.

47 Is there a coherent social conception of disability?

48 Otological evaluation of newborns who failed otoacoustic emission screening.

53 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (indications and uses)

56 Partial and double-array implantation of the ossified cochlea.

65 Oto-palato-digital syndrome with features of type I and II in brothers

86 Síndrome da rubéola congênita relacionada ao período gestacional de aquisiçäo da doença: características audiológicas/ Congenital rubella syndrome related to the period of onset of the disease during pregnancy: audiological findings

87 Safety issues in magnetic resonance imaging

106 Toxoplasmosis: maternal and pediatric findings in 23,000 pregnancies.

107 Previously undescribed syndrome of craniofacial, hand anomalies, and sensorineural deafness.

115 Relationship of growth and psychoneurologic status of 2-year-old children of birthweight 500-999 g

118 Histopathologic and experimental models for sensory and neural deafness

130 Intrauterinely acquired Pseudomonas infection in the neonate

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145 Molecular basis of congenital and acquired deafness

146 [Early diagnosis of childhood deafness: detection protocol in high-risk neonates]

147 Diagnóstico precoz de hipoacusia infantil: protocolo de detección en neonatos de alto riesgo/ Early diagnosis of childhood deafness: detection protocol in high-risk neonates

148 'Glue ear' in perspective

149 Variation in the vitreous phenotype of Stickler syndrome can be caused by different amino acid substitutions in the X position of the type II collagen Gly-X-Y triple helix.

150 Deafblindness: living with sensory deprivation.

151 Global problem of drug-induced hearing loss.

152 Probably Norrie's disease due to mutation. Two sporadic sibships of two males each, a necropsy of one case, and, given Norrie's disease, a calculation of the gene mutation frequency.

153 Potential pitfalls of initiating a newborn hearing screening program.

154 Health status of a population of infants born before 26 weeks gestation derived from routine data collected between 21 and 27 months post-delivery.

155 Preference for infant-directed singing in 2-day-old hearing infants of deaf parents

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157 Amplification for infants: selection and verification

158 Genetics and molecular biology of deafness.

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161 Lullabies for Sophia.

162 Feingold syndrome--a cause of profound deafness.

163 Premature cataracts associated with generalized lentigo.

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165 Automated auditory brainstem response in neonatal hearing screening.

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167 [Quality control of an early detection, diagnosis and early intervention program for deafness in newborn. Official document of the Early Detection Comission of Deafness in Newborn (CODEPEH)]

168 Control de calidad de un programa de detección, diagnóstico e intervención precoz de la hipoacusia en recién nacidos. Documento oficial de la comisión para la Detección de la Hipoacusia en Recién Nacidos (CODEPEH)/ Quality control of an early detection, diagnosis and early intervention program for deafness in newborn. Official document of the Early Detection Comission of Deafness in Newborn (CODEPEH)

169 Genetic causes of goiter and deafness: Pendred syndrome in a girl and cooccurrence of Pendred syndrome and resistance to thyroid hormone in her sister

170 [Mumps--an underestimated disease]

171 [The effect of cochlear implantation on voice development]

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173 [Fitting hearing aids in early childhood based on auditory evoked potentials in ?steady states]

174 La adaptación audioprotésica pediátrica precoz a partir de registros de potenciales evocados auditivos de estado estable/ Fitting hearing aids in newborns from auditory steady state responses

175 Application and usage of tactile aid in Iran.

176 [Diagnosing hearing impairment in children]

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