Bliblioteca Virtual em Saúde - BVS

200 Age-related hearing loss.

198 [Treacher-Collins syndrome: clinical and genetic aspects apropos of 4 cases of which 1 is familial]

85 [Pathophysiology of auditory and speech perception]

193 [Postmeningitis deafness in young children: action warranted before obliteration of the cochlea]

31 Telemetria de resposta neural intra-operatória em usuários de implante coclear/ Neural response telemetry measures in patients implanted with Nucleus 24®

33 Ressonância magnética em surdez súbita/ Magnetic resonance imaging in sudden deafness

36 Recurrence risks for isolated cases of nonsyndromic deafness

37 A investigação genética na surdez hereditária não-sindrômica/ Genetic investigation of non-syndromic hereditary deafness

38 Schwanoma vestibular como causa de surdez súbita/ Vestibular schwannoma presenting as sudden hearing loss

48 The grainy head like 2 gene (GRHL2), alias TFCP2L3, is associated with age-related hearing impairment.

50 Perfil lipídico de la sordera ligada al envejecimiento/ Lipid profile and hearing-loss aged-related

53 Patología auditiva inducida por el ruido en la población laboral de pesca de bajura/ Hearing loss induced by noise in the labour population of coastal fishing

54 Association between age-related hearing loss and stroke in an older population.

55 Processing of voices in deafness rehabilitation by auditory brainstem implant.

59 Factors influencing parental decision about genetics evaluation for their deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

61 Identities and frequencies of mutations of the otoferlin gene (OTOF) causing DFNB9 deafness in Pakistan.

62 Acute deafness as the presenting symptom of bacterial meningitis.

70 Molecular studies in the GJB2 gene (Cx26) among a deaf population from Bogot a, Colombia: results of a screening program.

73 How long should the sudden hearing loss patients be followed after early steroid combination therapy?

82 [Mutation of Gap junction protein beta 2 gene and treatment outcome of cochlear implantation in cochlear implantation recipients]

83 Corticosteroids in acute bacterial meningitis.

84 [Permanent deafness following typhoid fever: case report from Dakar, Senegal]

86 [Hearing aid efficacy according to the data from the Tula regional Deaf and Dumb Centre]

87 Diverse deafness mechanisms of connexin mutations revealed by studies using in vitro approaches and mouse models.

88 The effects of cochlear implantation on vestibular function.

89 Categorical perception of affective and linguistic facial expressions.

93 Sudden sensorineural hearing loss increases the risk of stroke: a 5-year follow-up study.

94 Transaldolase deficiency in a two-year-old boy with cirrhosis.

95 Serious neurologic sequelae in cases of meningitis arising from infection by conjugate vaccine-related and nonvaccine-related serogroups of Streptococcus pneumoniae.

97 Sudden deafness and right-to-left shunts.

100 Driving cessation and self-reported car crashes in older drivers: the impact of cognitive impairment and dementia in a population-based study.

101 Neural tonotopy in cochlear implants: an evaluation in unilateral cochlear implant patients with unilateral deafness and tinnitus.

118 Linear accelerator radiosurgery for treatment of vestibular schwannomas in neurofibromatosis 2.

128 Priorities for early hearing detection and intervention in sub-Saharan Africa.

129 Visual attention and hearing loss: past and current perspectives.

130 Audiologic management of a patient with a sudden hearing loss and vestibular schwannoma in the contralateral ear.

131 Hyperbaric oxygen treatment restores sudden hearing loss in a patient with Fabry disease.

132 Do viruses cause inner ear disturbances?

133 Infant neurodevelopment following fetal growth restriction: relationship with antepartum surveillance parameters.

134 The relationship between changes in self-rated quality of life after cochlear implantation and changes in individual complaints.

135 Branchio-oto-renal syndrome.

136 [Megadolichobasilar anomaly causing acute deafness with vertigo]

137 [Pathogenesis and treatment of presbyacusis. Current status and future perspectives]

138 [Life-threatening differential diagnoses of vertigo and sudden hearing loss]

139 Goya's deafness.

140 A practical approach to acute vertigo.

141 Etiology of deafness in children cochlear implant candidates in Croatia.

142 Learning via direct and mediated instruction by deaf students.

143 Family mediation of mathematically based concepts while engaged in a problem-solving activity with their young deaf children.

144 [Cochlear ischemia: from fundamental data to clinical hope]

145 Psychological profile and social behaviour of working adults with mild or moderate hearing loss.

146 Sudden deafness due to cochlear ischemia in a patient with anterior inferior cerebellar artery occlusion]

147 The emergence of segmental accuracy in young cochlear implant recipients

148 [Coexistence of acoustic neuroma and pineal region tumor in patient with sudden deafness]

149 [Recurrent meningitis in inner ear malformations]

150 [Anthropological study on hearing deficit]

151 Sudden hearing loss caused by labyrinthine hemorrhage.

152 [Contemporary state of occupational deafness in Russian Federation]

153 [Prevalence of hearing loss in elderly individuals over 65 years of age: a pilot study in Lombardia (Italy)]

154 Gap junction mediated intercellular metabolite transfer in the cochlea is compromised in connexin30 null mice.

155 Aspectos biopsicossociais na surdocegueira/ Bio psycho social aspects in deaf blindness

156 Retrospective study of hearing impaired children and teenager: characterizing the etiologies and audiological aspects

157 Issues, indications, and controversies regarding intratympanic steroid perfusion.

158 Mild hearing impairment and psychotic experiences in a †††??????O??????????? normal aging population.

159 Pure word deafness and pure anarthria in a patient with frontotemporal dementia.

160 Isolated limb sensory disturbance accompanied with sudden deafness from vertebral artery dissection: a case report.

161 Reversible cortical auditory dysfunction caused by cerebral vasospasm after ruptured aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage and evaluated by perfusion magnetic resonance imaging. Case report.

162 Improved outcome into the 1990s for infants weighing 500-999 g at birth. The Victorian Infant Collaborative Study Group.

163 The complexity of age-related hearing impairment: contributing environmental and genetic factors.

164 Infectious complications in pediatric cochlear implants.

165 Anterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction presenting with sudden hearing loss and vertigo

166 Genetic and acquired prothrombotic risk factors and sudden hearing loss.

167 Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups and age-related hearing loss.

168 Cranial nerve palsies in renal osteodystrophy.

169 Two common and three novel PDS mutations in Thai patients with Pendred syndrome.

170 Classroom performance and language development of CI students placed in mainstream elementary school.

171 Vestibular system in infants with hereditary nonsyndromic deafness.

172 Auditory midbrain implant: a combined approach for vestibular schwannoma surgery and device implantation.

173 Hearing loss diagnosis followed by meningitis in Danish children, 1995-2004.

174 Otosclerosis: selection of ear for cochlear implantation.

175 Intracochlear hemorrhage after gamma knife radiosurgery.

176 Cochlear function in chronic kidney disease and renal transplantation: a longitudinal study.

177 Isolated cochlear nerve hypoplasia with various internal auditory meatus deformities in children.

178 Severity of concurrent visual and hearing impairment and mortality: the 1986-1994 National Health Interview Survey.

179 Neurological sequelae of intrauterine warfarin exposure.

180 The ages of suspicion, diagnosis, amplification, and intervention in deaf children.

184 Letting the deaf be deaf. Reconsidering the use of cochlear implants in prelingually deaf children.

185 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the cerebellopontine angle in a patient with sudden hearing loss and facial palsy.

192 Migration of cochlear implant magnets after head trauma in an adult and a child.

202 Sudden deafness as a presenting symptom of acoustic neuroma: case report.

206 Hearing impairment and socioeconomic factors: a population-based survey of an urban locality in southern Brazil.